Mariem Abutaleb

  • Mariem Abutaleb

"Revolving/Writings" by Mariem Abutaleb, 2022

*About the artist
Mariem Abutaleb is a lettering artist and graphic designer who is based in Cairo, Egypt. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from AUC the American University in Cairo. Mariem believes in the power of writing as a visual language in delivering messages. That's why her work is focusing on Arabic lettering as she considers it to be a strong tool of expression and communication. Mariem's main motivation is the experimentation of the Arabic script alongside creating harmonious compositions out of it.
Follow her work on instagram : @mariemabutaleb

*About the print
Printed on A4 200 g/m² Modigliani textured paper.
A4 : 210 x 297 mm

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